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What to Do for Your Party in the Hot Las Vegas Summer Heat

What to Do for Your Party in the Hot Las Vegas Summer Heat

So, it’s your child’s birthday next weekend and it’s 108* outside. A regular jumper outside is going to be miserable and too hot to use for your child. What the heck are you going to do? Here at Jump Around Party Jumpers, we have been helping parents plan parties in the hot Las Vegas heat for 13 years. Sometimes we need to get creative. And here are a few of our most famous suggestions.

Waterslides. What could make a hot summer day better than a cool Waterslide. We have the biggest selection of waterslides in Las Vegas and sizes ranging from toddler age to adult size waterslides. Some are 2 stories tall, some have 2 lanes, some do twists and some connect waterslides to slip-n-slides almost creating 60’ of pure sliding fun. Some are ½ jumper ½ waterslide as well. We also provide Dunk Tanks and Water Wars where 2 teams launch water balloons back and forth to each other. Don’t forget to add a Sno Kone to your party to keep everyone hydrated and happy.

Indoor party. Instead of renting a gazebo at a park, try renting out an indoor community center/YMCA or gymnasium to beat the heat altogether. Once indoors, the heat from outside is no longer an issue and anything from a regular bounce house to a full-size obstacle course would be perfect. No need to worry about the insurance that is required to set up at any city/county space or clubhouse, we are fully Licensed & Insured to cover your event. Just double check the dimensions of the unit to make sure it fits. We also have small residential units that we have set up in peoples houses with High ceilings. Please call with your inside house dimensions to confirm it will fit.

Have a Carnival Themed Party. Here at Jump Around Party Jumpers we have several of our traditional carnival games that are small and portable and would work great inside of your residence or a small clubhouse. How about a Ring Toss, Can Smash or Crossbow? Or you could go with the Jumbo Jenga, Jumbo Connect 4 or the Skee Ball? Also rent a Popcorn, Cotton Candy or Sno Kone to give it that Carnival effect.

Throw a Slumber Party. We know it’s 100*+ during the day, but once the sun starts going down, it can actually be pleasant outside. Renting a Bounce House in the evening as the sun goes down and picking it up the next morning would make a perfect slumber party. It’s summer & there’s no school so they can bounce until the wee hours of the night. We’ve even had the children bring pillows & blankets to sleep in the Bounce House overnight.

Here at Jump Around Party Jumpers we will do our best to make your event a success no matter the weather or circumstances. Give us a call and we can discuss the different options and what would work best for you. Let us help you make your next party a success, even in the heat.