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Dimensions: 45’L x 14’W x 15’T

Space Required: 48’L x 17’W x 17’T

Water Wars

$279.00Unit Price

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  • From December – February, end time 6pm.
  • From March, April and November, end time 7pm.
  • From May – October, end time 8pm.
  • If you book after our latest end time, there will be a $70 overnight fee (the pickup time will be the next morning between 7 am – 10 am).
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Water Wars is an exciting water game that all ages can play. The game includes 2 water balloon launchers on each side that face each other.  The objective of the game is to soak your opponent. Players can enjoy an endless supply of water while having fun with family and friends. The Water Wars game is perfect for hot summer days and provides hours of fun for everyone involved.

Easy to Set Up: Water Wars comes with a bucket of splash balls for each of the two stations.

Balloon Launcher: The game includes 4 launchers that can launch splash balls to your opponent.

Safe and Durable: Water Wars is made from high-quality, durable materials that are safe for kids and adults.

Includes Accessories: The game has all the necessary accessories, including 2 buckets of splash balls, 1 for each side.

Promotes Outdoor Fun: It is a great way to promote outdoor play and physical activity, as players dodge and launch splash balls at each other.

Suitable for All Ages: It is suitable for all ages, making it a great family game that everyone can enjoy.

Pros and Cons of Water Wars


  • Fun, interactive water game
  • Encourages outdoor play and physical activity
  • All ages can play it
  • Easy to set up and use


  • It may not be suitable for dry climates or water-restricted areas.

This is a soaking wet good time for everyone!!! Split into two teams and use the launcher on each side to hurdle splash balls at the opposing team, and when it hits them, they’re SOAKED!!! Great for those hot Las Vegas days when cooling off your party is a must!! Great for parks that don’t allow waterslides or places where water is not accessible.  Splash balls are included.


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