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Hello everyone from your Jump Around Party Jumpers family. We would like to wish everyone good health & safety during these difficult times. We are happy to announce that as businesses are starting to open up, which includes us, we are now open for business and are starting to get busy again. We are not quite back to normal but we are expecting to be back up to full strength very soon. We understand and have implemented policies concerning the Covid-19. As stated in our previous blog during shut down, we are now using a hospital-grade anti-viral/anti-fungal disinfectant as well as practicing recommended social distancing policies. We ask that when we set up the jumper at your residence that everyone remain inside until the set up is complete and we exit the property. We only have 1 adult come out to go over and sign the contract. Upon return to pick up the unit, we call within 5 minutes of the pickup so that all children can exit the bounce house and go back inside so we can safely pick up the unit practicing social distancing.

We understand that this has been a trying time for everyone, but we are hopeful that everything will be back to normal soon so that we can spend time with friends and family and enjoy each other’s company once again. Here at Jump Around Party Jumpers, we are dedicated to providing the best and safest service and making sure that all of your social gatherings are a success.

Thank you,
Jump Around Party Jumpers