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Traveling Bounce House Event Alert: The Big Bounce America

Get ready for summertime activities, bounce house lovers. If you’ve never heard of The Big Bounce America, you’re missing out. Inflatables haven’t been made to this scale yet and you’d have to combine several bounce houses to match The Big Bounce.

Since it began nearly 50 years ago, the inflatables industry has grown steadily, both in value and size. The Big Bounce America is living proof of this. It’s hardly even accurate to call it a bounce house, but more like a bounce bonanza. We’re all about renting bounce houses, obstacles courses, and other carnival games, but if The Big Bounce America is near you this year, we think you should go check it out.

It’s basically a festival

When we say it’s “basically a festival” we mean it’s the size of an actual music festival. The Big Bounce itself is situated in the Bounce Village, which has tons of other activities beyond The Big Bounce itself. The main attraction is a 10,000 square foot bounce house. This thing has everything: obstacle courses, ball pits, inflatable forests, walls, beds, and all manner of climb-able things, a DJ with a dance floor (that obviously bounces), and more. It’s big enough to have its own zones with different themes.

The village

If a 10,000 square foot bounce house isn’t enough to get you interested, that’s hardly the only thing there. Sure it’s the main event, but there’s more where that came from. For the young ones who love obstacle courses, there’s a water slide and Ninja Run reminiscent of a safe, fun alternative to American Ninja Warrior. There’s another bounce construct meant solely for the littlest baby bouncers with you to have some fun, too. If that’s still not enough for you, the Monster Ball Pit actually holds one million balls and is waiting to be flounced around in. After all that, you better hit the food trucks because we’ve worked up an appetite merely thinking about being in this glorious Bounce Village.

Whatever adventures you’re planning this summer, The Big Bounce America is definitely on our list to visit. Who knows, one you’ve seen the magic of a village full of inflatable fun, the next party you host might just have to have some bounce of its own. When that’s the case, let us know. We’ve got you covered.