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Get Slimed in Snow Globe Bounce House Challenge with Elmer’s

Everly fans, get ready to be amazed! We recently accepted a mystery challenge from Elmer’s, and it involved a lot of sliding and festive fun. We’re talking about a snow globe bounce house challenge, and let’s just say, the results are epic!

Unwrapping a Snowy Surprise

Imagine waking up to a giant box filled with the promise of adventure. That’s exactly what Elmer’s delivered with this challenge: creating a massive slime winter wonderland inside a real-life, bouncing, and sliding experience!

In our latest video, you’ll witness the exciting journey of transforming a classic snow globe into an immersive, slime-filled wonderland. From surprise boxes overflowing with festive materials to the magical liquid snow, we were thrilled to dive headfirst into this holiday slime adventure.

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Elmer’s Supplies Unleash Creative Possibilities

Elmer’s provided a treasure trove of supplies, including gallons of glue, special activators, and the pièce de résistance – liquid snow! Our mission: transform these components into a winter wonderland of bouncy, slimey fun.

Crafting the Perfect Snow Slime

Equipped with gallons of glue and the magical liquid snow, we embarked on the process of creating the perfect snow slime. The transformation was incredible, with the liquid snow seamlessly turning glue into a mesmerizing slime with a true wintery texture.

Entering the Snow Globe Bounce House

The moment of truth arrived as we poured our specially crafted snow slime into the bounce house. The result? A breathtaking, real-life snow globe filled with holiday spirit. Presents, trees, and twinkling lights adorned the interior, creating a festive atmosphere beyond imagination.

Bouncing and Sliding Through a Winter Dreamland

But the adventure wasn’t complete until we jumped, slid, and bounced inside our very own snow globe. The unique feel of the snow slime added another layer of excitement, making it a truly immersive winter wonderland experience.

A Snowy Success Story

Our snow globe bounce house challenge with Elmer’s was an absolute triumph. We transformed ordinary slime into a winter spectacle, proving that with a little creativity and a lot of slime, anything is possible.

So, head over to our website and book your Snow Globe Bounce House Today. You can also find some awesome popular Christmas Bounce Houses, which feature a festive red and green color scheme and cheerful holiday designs.