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Sesame Street Bounce House With Elmo

Rent a bounce house in the summer? Are you crazy?

Summer Bounce House Rental Realities

With temperatures reading over 100 degrees as we head into August, renting a bounce house in Las Vegas might not be the best idea… but it’s not completely out of the question!

Here are some alternatives to renting a dry jumper in the heat – these ideas can still add a ton of fun to your next party, reunion, church or school fund raiser or whatever the occasion.

1. Rent a waterslide instead!

It doesn’t matter so much how hot it is outside when everyone is wet and splashing around. As our dry bounce house rentals die down in the summer, our giant water slide rentals pick way up. Our biggest slide and one of the most popular is the 22′ Double Drop Water Slide, complete with a splash-down pool at the bottom. Or for some fun that’s not quite so high up (maybe for little ones?), the 18′ Dual Lane Lava Twist Water Slide is a very popular choice. This one also has a splash-down pool and adds a fun curve at the bottom that makes kids laugh out loud every time. We have lots of inflatable water slide rentals to choose from, so check them all out!

compact 15 foot tropical water slide

2. Rent a wet jumper!

Most of our bounce house rentals can NOT get wet without damage and extra cost added to your rental… BUT we do have bounce house/waterslide combos that are great for hot Vegas summer parties! Our wet/dry combo jumpers are a huge hit at kid’s birthday parties. Take a look at our Tropical Wet Jump-n-slide or Jump-n-slide Neutral Wet Jumper for some wet bouncing and sliding fun!

3. Rent an indoor space and a traditional bounce house

Indoor 10x10 300x225 1Our bounce houses are great for indoor parties if you have space. How much space? Our smallest bounce house is 10 feet wide, deep and high. If you have a high-ceiling garage or room in your house, it just might fit Other bounce houses are around 15 feet in each direction, though they need a few more feet on two sides – one for the blower, and the other for kids to get in and out. But it’s not a crazy idea. We have customers who rent our bounce houses for indoor parties in the peak of summer, and love it! And if you have access to a church hall or school gym, you can fit multiple jumpers easily.

4. Try the shade or a park at night

Our jumpers can be used at parks, provided there’s an electric outlet (check with your local parks and rec first). Some of our more creative-minded customers have rented their bounce house as the sun is going down in a park with night lighting. It’s a great way to enjoy the fun of a bounce house party in the middle of summer without burning up in direct sunlight. Another approach is to use a shaded park or backyard… though at 105 degrees, the shade is really not helping a ton. A water slide rental in the shade is actually quite nice though!

Reserve Yours Early

Jumparound Party Jumpers Home Image SliderDuring the hot months of summer in Las Vegas, our big water slides are reserved first. They’re such a fun way to beat the heat and get kids OUTSIDE. But make sure to reserve early so you can choose from our wide selection before they’re all booked.

We really do work hard to make sure your bounce house or water slide is delivered ON TIME and is CLEAN. We have kids too and know how important it is to find someone you can trust to avoid tantrums and/or disappointment. Hopefully, we can serve you this summer!

– Heath