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Dimensions: 90’L x 13’W x 18’H

Boot Camp Obstacle Course Bounce House

$459.00Unit Price

  • We rent in 6 hours blocks starting at 9 am.
  • 6 hour block example 9am-3pm, 10am-4pm, 11am-5pm, 12pm-6pm etc.
  • From December – February, end time 6pm.
  • From March, April and November, end time 7pm.
  • From May – October, end time 8pm.
  • If you book after our latest end time, there will be a $70 overnight fee (the pickup time will be the next morning between 7 am – 10 am).
  • You can select three addons for this special product.

If the date is red, it means the product is not available for rental.

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  • Multiple challenges: The 90′ Boot Camp Obstacle Course includes a variety of challenges such as climbing walls, tunnels, and slides, which provide players with different levels of difficulty and fun.
  • Interactive competition: The 90′ Boot Camp Obstacle Course can be set up to allow for head-to-head racing, making it a fun and interactive competitive activity.
  • Safe and durable: Made from reinforced vinyl and with safety features such as safety nets and padded areas, the 90′ Boot Camp Obstacle Course ensures players’ safety while providing a durable product that can withstand regular use.
  • Easy setup: The inflatable design of the 90′ Boot Camp Obstacle Course makes it quick and easy to set up, allowing for more time to be spent on playing and having fun.
  • Versatile: The obstacle course can be used indoors and outdoors, making it an excellent option for events with varying weather conditions.

Pros and Cons of  90′ Boot Camp Obstacle Course


  • It can accommodate multiple players simultaneously, making it a great option for larger events.
  • Provides a fun and exciting physical activity that can promote exercise and fitness.
  • It can be a unique and memorable addition to any event, providing participants with a fun and interactive experience.
  • Customizable with logos and branding elements, making it a great promotional tool for businesses, organizations, and event planners.
  • It can be set up to allow for head-to-head racing, promoting friendly competition and adding excitement to the activity.


  • Requires a flat, even surface for setup, which may not always be available in specific outdoor locations.
  • It may require additional staff or volunteers to supervise and ensure players’ safety.
  • Some players may find specific challenges too difficult or intimidating, which could lead to frustration or disinterest.
  • It may not be suitable for all age groups or physical abilities, limiting its accessibility for some participants.
  • The large size of the obstacle course may make it difficult to move or transport, requiring additional planning and resources.

Final Words

This is one of the longest and funniest obstacle courses in Vegas!!! Cheer on as two players crawl through tunnels, run around obstacles, squeeze through inflatable tubes, swing across a moat on a rope, then over a few inflatable hills and up an 18-foot tall slide to the finish line! Do you have the guts to win this boot camp challenge!?!?!



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