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Dimensions: 25’L x 13’W x 18’T

Space Required:  29’L x 16’W x 19’T

Blue Marble Twist 18 Foot Water Slide

$329.00Unit Price

  • We rent in 6 hours blocks starting at 9 am.
  • 6 hour block example 9am-3pm, 10am-4pm, 11am-5pm, 12pm-6pm etc.
  • From December – February, end time 6pm.
  • From March, April and November, end time 7pm.
  • From May – October, end time 8pm.
  • If you book after our latest end time, there will be a $70 overnight fee (the pickup time will be the next morning between 7 am – 10 am).
  • You can select three addons for this special product.

If the date is red, it means the product is not available for rental.

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The 18′ Blue Lava Twist Waterslide is the perfect addition to your summer party. With its vibrant blue color and lava theme, it’s sure to be the highlight of your event.

The twisty design adds extra excitement as riders twist and turn down to the splash pool at the bottom. The pool is designed to keep riders safe and cushion their landing, ensuring they have a great time without any accidents.

The 18′ Blue Lava Twist Waterslide is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add water-based fun to their event. Its vibrant blue design and sturdy construction make it a reliable and attractive option that will surely please everyone who uses it.

Pros and Cons of the 18′ Blue Lava Twist Waterslide


  • A unique blue and white scheme stands out and adds color to any event.
  • The twist design adds an extra element of excitement and unpredictability to the slide.
  • The large size, 18 feet tall, gives guests a thrilling, long ride.


  • Requires an ample, flat space for setup, which may not be available at all event locations.
  • It may be unsuitable for younger children or those uncomfortable with high speeds or heights.
  • Requires constant supervision to ensure the safety of all riders.
  • Water sources and access to electricity are required for operation, which may not be available at all event locations.

The 18′ Blue Lava Twist Waterslide is made from high-quality materials and is designed to withstand heavy use. Its durable construction makes it an excellent investment for party rental companies, community centers, and other organizations that want to offer guests a fun and exciting experience.







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