13’x13’ Spiderman Bounce House


Dimensions: 13’L x 13’W x 13’H

Space Required 15’L x 18’W x 15’H

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Courtesy of your friendly neighborhood web-slinger comes Magic Jump’s Official SPIDER-MAN 13′ x 13′ bounce house. It has plenty of space for up to 6 friendly neighborhood friends at a time to bounce, hop, skip, and jump to their heart’s content. Made in the USA with premium materials by master craftsman, the SPIDER-MAN bounce house is designed with fully licensed digital artwork and the logo from Spidey’s uniform as embellishments on top of both front vertical pillars. It is a spectacular & an amazing ride that is suitable for all occasions. Come to the rescue of your customers by featuring this Officially Licensed bounce house in your rental inventory. Woo-Hoo! This product is also available in a 13′ x 13′.

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13’W x 13’H






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