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How An Inflatable Water Slide Could Be The Answer To Your Summer Party Needs

Summer is here, and the days are getting both hotter and longer. And as the days warm up, you need a way to cool off. Many take trips to the beach, or to a lake, or even just a local pool to get their feet wet, and enjoy themselves.

One of the best aspects of a pool can be the water slides, providing that the pool has one. They’re fun to go down, and always end with a nice, refreshing splash.

But sometimes you can’t get a water slide at a pool, and so what do you do? You bring the water slides to you.

Since its inception about 50 years ago, the inflatables industry has been growing at a very steady pace, and now it’s possible to rent things like jump houses, and inflatable water slides for your parties. The people that you hire from can take care of all the needs to maintain and assemble it, you just need to provide the water.

Your summer could involve tons of fun in the sun, not just for kids, but for adults too. Many inflatable companies offer adult-sized options for jump houses and water slides, giving you the ability to be a kid again.

And everyone, at any age, can enjoy a trip down a water slide. Just look at the latest viral video that came out a few days ago. In it, a man has one of the smoothest water slide landings possible and have earned him praise and admiration from the internet community, which enjoys simple things like this.

The article, from Time, calls him the “King of Summer,” and based on his very nice landing? It’s not hard to see why.

According to Twitter posts and feeds, the man’s name is Rolando Johnson and he’s actually a lifeguard at the Pirates Island Waterpark inside the Beaches Resort in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where the video was taken.

According to Johnson, there is a technique involved in getting this stunt to work. He gets a push at the top of the slide, to increase his speed, and then he crosses his legs and sits upright before hitting the water.

Johnson explained that it took him two years to learn the stunt and that most of his fellow lifeguards can do it too.

No matter how he did it, or how many others can do it, Johnson has earned himself a nice little bit of Twitter fame from his stunt. And he’s demonstrated one of the coolest dismounts from a water slide many have ever seen.