Happy New Year – and thanks for making 2014 our best year yet!

We’re excited about the big changes this year with lots of new products and online booking, which will simplify your life a bit, and give us more time to provide even better service to you.

New Jumpers!

I’m sure you’ve noticed on our website all the new full-faced themed jumpers. These are very popular because of their big, colorful fronts. The jumpers include a Hello Kitty jumper in red, a few Disney Princesses bounce houses with most of the popular princesses all together on one jumper, plus a Princess & The Frog bouncy house.

Tinkerbell Fairies is in the same category, even though she’s not really a princess, and our Disney lineup is rounded out with a Toy Story full-face bounce house, our very popular Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and a Cars movie jumper with Lightning McQueen and ‘Mater on the front.

Boys love superheroes, right? Our Justice League full-face bounce house appeals to that indestructible hero in every little boy.


Combo Favorites

We’ve also added combos of several new Disney Princess & Cars jumpers. These are large bounce houses with obstacles inside… because running and jumping around like crazy is even more fun when you can bounce off of things, right?

Boys also love fire trucks, and our new Firetruck Combo is big fun. It’s even in the shape of a great big fire truck and is full of all kinds of things to do inside.

Disney’s Frozen Bounce House

But the big news is we should be receiving two brand-new Disney Frozen full-faced jumpers very soon – hopefully in the next few weeks! These are already booking will in advance, and we’re working on getting more to meet the demand. If you can’t wait, we currently have Frozen banners that go on the front of some jumpers. It’s been fun seeing the creativity of our customers throwing Frozen-themed birthday parties. Sno Cones, a snow machine, and a Frozen jumper are

We’re also hoping to add the ability to reserve online at your convenience without having to call to make reservations. You will have the option to pay online with a credit or debit card, or if you wish, you will still be able to pay cash on delivery. These changes should be coming early this year and we hope you are as excited about them as we are.

Again we thank all of you who have chosen Jumparound Party Jumpers over the years & we hope to make 2015 our best year ever to serve you, our loyal customers!

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