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Entertain Thanksgiving Family Guests

Do you have family coming to your house for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

The holiday season is fun because of all the time with family! Those cousins, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters and whoever else you call family. They all cram into one house and it can get pretty loud!

Why not rent a bounce house jumper from Jump Around Party Jumpers when you have family over? It’ll get the kids out of the house, burn some of that pent-up energy and leave the adults to enjoy uninterrupted conversation inside! (Jump Around Party Jumpers makes no guarantee this will happen, but the chances are greater with a bounce house, and it’s worth a shot!)

How To Rent A Holiday Jumper

For a Thanksgiving bounce house rental, it doesn’t matter what theme jumper you get. But you do want to plan for the size of the attending kids and the number of them. Our smaller bounce houses, like the 10×10 Indoor Compact Bounce House or 13×13 Sports Jumper are enough to keep a handful of kids busy and can usually fit in smaller yards, plus they’re affordable.

But if there are lots of kids, PLUS adults who think they’re still kids, a larger combo jumper might be better. Our fall special this year is geared toward combos, and includes the following:

  • Princess 5 in 1 large combo WhitespaceFall Combo Special
  • Rent Any Combo Jumper
  • Add for $69 More:
  • 1 concession, 2 tables & 12 chairs

If you’d like, we can help you choose a bounce house for your yard and gathering size. Just call and we can talk about what will work for you!

Tables, Chairs and Other Holiday Rentals

While you’re thinking about a bounce house for the holidays, remember to plan for feeding all those guests! We rent tables and chairs, and have a couple of bundles that include a jumper with tables and chairs. If your group is really big, the tables might be used to set food on as well as eat meals on. A side table for all the food keeps the table clear, and is a great way to keep desserts safe until it’s time for pie.

We also rent concessions that are worth keeping in mind. Warm nachos and cheese, a popcorn machine or even a cotton candy machine keeps people busy, snacking and enjoying themselves. And if you happen to miss the snowy parts of the country, we offer a snow machine that creates lovely falling snow.

Your House or Theirs, Rent A Jumper

With lots of family gathering together, whether at your house or someone else’s, each family can pitch in a bit for the rental and everyone can enjoy some bounce house fun during the gathering. We deliver all over the Las Vegas area, and the rental period is typically 6 hours so there’s plenty of time to make use of your investment. We’ll do our very best to work with your schedule and deliver your clean bounce house or combo on time!

Build good memories with family this year. Rent a fun bounce house, combo jumper or other inflatable fun. This holiday gathering will be remembered as the one where everyone had fun – the kids and adult kids in the jumper, and the adults enjoying better conversation and enjoying watching the kids have fun.

Reserve yours today!

– Heath