The Frozen Jumper Is Here

If you have kids, we don’t have to tell you what Frozen has done to their young lives. This hit movie is one of the biggest successes from Disney in years, and kids are still singing the songs and pretending to be the characters.

Frozen-theme birthday parties are going on every week here in Las Vegas, and we’ve got the bounce house to make it the best Frozen birthday party ever! We finally received this big, beautiful jumper and it’s being rented almost every day. True to Jump Around Party Jumper’s standards, we clean it thoroughly after each rental so it will look brand new for a LONG time, but this is by far our most popular bounce house ever.

Your Frozen Bounce House Birthday Party

The huge, full-color front of this bounce house is a HUGE thrill for kids to see, with Ana, Elsa, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff all represented. But there’s, even more, you can do to complete your Frozen birthday party theme. We offer a Sno Kone Machine for delicious frozen treats during the party, and – get this – a real Snow Machine!

And we rent tables and chairs for all the party guests and kids to sit on so you can spare your own furniture. Grab a Frozen table spread, plates, and cups from the store and use our chair and table rentals for a cake and ice cream celebration in the yard under falling snow from the Snow Machine! And if your party is in the heat of summer, we have a Frozen banner that can be placed on some of our water slides.

The Snow Machine will work in all temperatures, though the falling snow will melt quickly in our high summer heat. But it’s a great, fun way for kids to cool off during the party. The snow from our snow machine won’t accumulate, so sledding in the backyard isn’t really an option, but how many kids growing up in Las Vegas have ever felt snow falling on their heads?

What If The Frozen Jumper Isn’t Available?

We really don’t like having to tell a parent the Frozen jumper isn’t available, so we offer one of our neutral banner bounce houses with a Frozen banner instead. It’s not the huge, full-face presence of the Frozen jumper, but it’s still exciting for kids to see the Frozen movie cast on the jumper.

Many parents don’t realize we also have superhero bounce houses – Spiderman, the Justice League with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Flash and Green Lantern and other movie-theme jumpers including Toy Story, Cars, Pirates of the Caribbean and pretty much all of the Disney Princess bounce houses.

Call us to reserve the Frozen Bounce House for your party – it’s booked like crazy, so please call well in advance to reserve it for your party!




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