Rent Clean Bounce Houses!

When we say we rent “clean bounce houses,” what does that mean?

It means a lot of work for us! But we’re happy to do it. When we set up your bounce house, we hook up the blower and inflate the jumper completely, checking to make sure it will remain inflated for your party. Then we go through it again with a spray bottle of cleaner and wipe the inside down, as well as blow out any dirt and dust. Then it’s ready for your party!

Clean Water Slides

Our water slides and wet bounce houses are a lot more work to clean. Thankfully, the hot Vegas sun helps us out a lot!

Similar to our bounce houses, once we get a water slide back to our warehouse, we inflate it and leave it to dry in the sun. Then we go through it and make sure it’s dry so no mold or mildew forms. Once we know it’s dry, we’ll fold it up to preserve the structure of the slide or bounce house and store it in our dry warehouse.

This is why it’s very important to NOT use a dry bounce house with water. We get asked this often, and no, it’s not OK to put a hose into a dry bounce house. The main reason is they’re not made to get wet, and the water will seep down into the inflatable areas of the jumper.

Doing this requires LOTS of time for us to thoroughly dry it out, and added cost for you. So if you have a dry bounce house reservation and change your mind, CALL US before you drop a hose in your jumper. We’ll be happy to work with you to change your rental to a wet jumper, or a water slide.

How To Choose a Wet Or Dry Jumper or Slide

If you’re calling us, you are probably in Las Vegas already. You know how hot it can get here in the summer. Even in the shade, a summer day is typically too hot for a dry bounce house. We do rent them during the summer, but our water slides and wet jumpers are much more popular.

Choose a dry bounce house in the non-summer months when it’s nice outside, or even a bit chilly. Or, if you have a large (check for sizes) garage or warehouse area, or even a gym, many of our dry jumpers will work. It’s a BLAST to have a jumper party or fundraiser inside a school gym in the heat of the summer.

You probably know from swimming pool fun, there’s a temperature at which getting wet outside gets chilly – usually under 70 degrees. You may not want a wet water slide if it’s chilly at all outside. However, our wet water slides are SUPER slippery when dry as well! So if the weather is borderline, you can still reserve a slide, and if it’s too chilly to add water, just have a blast without it!

The smooth surface of the slide on our water slides will still send kids down with plenty of speed, so don’t’ worry about a water slide used dry being less fun. There isn’t a splash down at the bottom, but they’re still fun.

Bounce House Rentals

We’ve been in business in Las Vegas for a while now and can give you great advice when it comes to bouncing house rentals, water slides or any of the other rentals we offer. Call and let us know what you’re planning, and we’d be happy to make some recommendations!

Hope to talk with you soon!

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