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Reasons An Inflatable Is a Good Investment

5 Reasons An Inflatable Is a Good Investment For Your Party

inflatablewaterslides 300x200 1Inflatable water slides and pools have been making a splash in the world markets, with the global inflatable industry (including jump houses) expected to grow to $5.72 billion by 2021. These inflatable toys have made life easier for parents, and can even be enjoyed by them, as many come in sizes suited for all.

This is ideal since the vast majority of parents stay with their kids at their birthday parties and celebrations, especially if they’re under 10.

There are a lot of benefits to these types of entertainment devices, especially for parents who are going to be working full-time to keep their kids safe. Here are five of the biggest benefits you can expect when you rent inflatable water slides or similar toys:

  1. Easy To Set Up
    All you need to do is find flat ground for inflatable water slides or jump houses. They can be set up outside, indoors, or in a garage, all depending on their sizes and needs. All the necessary equipment will come with it, and you’ll get the help of a professional from the rental company to set it up. They’ll manage the inflatable, keeping it running, and you just have to worry about the party and keeping your kids safe.
  2. Affordable
    Renting an inflatable is much cheaper and more affordable than having to construct a swimming pool or water slide, and they’re bigger than the ones you can otherwise purchase at the store. You’ll get the ability to ride it yourself at a fraction of the cost of a constructed slide or pool.
  3. Safe For Kids
    The rubberized vinyl material is very safe for children in that it cannot lead to any serious harm even if one is banged on the floor or sides. It means that your child can play and laugh without getting hurt, especially if they’re pushing or being pushed by other children, as kids often do.
  4. Less Water Usage
    An inflatable water slide uses less water than a permanent slide or a swimming pool. And the water is recycled and can continue to be so for as long as it is clean. You don’t have to worry about too high of a water bill.
  5. Doesn’t Take Up Much Space
    The inflatable doesn’t use as much space as a standing structure, especially as it can be taken down to free up that space again once it’s no longer in use.

So if you’re looking to find a great addition to your party, one that everyone can enjoy, look no further than inflatable water slides. You and your kids will have a great deal of fun.