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Hello, friends from the Jump Around Blog. 4th of July season is upon us.  4th of July is our “busiest” waterslide day of the year. We have clients that call us in January to reserve their waterslide for the 4th of July Holiday. You cannot call too early to make your reservation as most of our waterslides will be rented out by mid-June. There are certain requirements that we have for a 4th of July waterslide rental. We charge an additional fee for this holiday on top of the price of the unit. The reason for this is due to high demand and the unit must be in a secure location as all units will be left overnight so that our workers can enjoy this Holiday with their families and loved ones as well. All units must be completely paid 2 weeks in advance of the holiday. This is one of the very few times of the year where we collect the payment in advance. All units will be delivered either the evening before or the morning of the 4th and will not be picked up until the 5th of July.  So again, the waterslide must be in a location where it is safe & secure overnight, no parks, unguarded community centers or apartments. We also do not set up our waterslides on dirt or rocks as it turns into a huge unsanitary muddy mess.

One more thing to remember is the Fireworks. You are responsible for any & all damages done to the inflatable. Make sure that the fireworks are not in the same vicinity of the inflatable to ensure no damage is done by mortars or similar fireworks. We have had problems in the past where there are holes burnt in the inflatable or other damage done due to the mortars and the client was responsible for the damages.  

Don’t forget to call us and also add to your order tables & chairs, Popcorn, Cotton Candy and especially the Sno Kone machine to keep everyone cool with the fireworks.

4th of July Holiday is a wonderful time to spend with friends and loved ones celebrating our wonderful Nation’s independence. Let us help you celebrate as well & make it a moment to remember.