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Fall Season is upon us again. Here are several tips for cool weather parties.

1. Start your party early and end early as the sun is going down earlier this time of year.

2. Parks are a great idea as they are in full exposure of the sun and will make for full sun exposure and full sun parties.

3. Indoor parties, sometimes that wind and rain can ruin a beautifully forecasted weekend.

4. Try something inside at home, you can even utilize empty garage space to keep that bad weather out. Try several traditional carnival games and a concession or 2 to make that party a hit.

5. Still want that big obstacle course or dual lane slide? Try renting out a community center, a YMCA or banquet hall that can fit those larger units and enjoy a climate control party free of that rain, cold and wind.

6. Outdoor patio heaters are a great way to warm up your party. As you sit and watch the children bounce, you and your guest can remain warm. Believe me the children will be warm enough jumping around in the bounce house.

7. Avoid late night parties. When the sun goes down, so does the temperature and the children will come running inside. Again, the sun is your friend. Plan accordingly.

Cold weather parties can be tricky, but leave it to us at Jump Around Party Jumpers to make your party a success.