Renting bounce houses is a great idea for your backyard barbecues, birthday parties, get-togethers, and summer parties. It can be a lot of fun for you, and for your friends and family. They even have jump houses in adult sizes, so you don’t have to worry about trying to fit into a kid sizes one.

But if you’re not careful when you’re looking at a jump house to rent, the party can end real fast. They could break, or even blow away right in the middle of the party.

So, to help you make the right choice during your jump house options, here is a list of reasons you should consider renting:

Get Commercial Grade

While it may be true that you can get bounce houses at department stores, like your local Walmart, or party-themed stores, it is not recommended. Those products aren’t made of commercial grade materials. They’re probably made of a cheap plastic that’ll wear out fast, or have less structural durability.

Save yourself the heartbreak, and potential injury, and rent from an inflatable company.

Heavier Jump Houses, More Stability

Rental companies will have heavier, and more stable, bounce houses for you to enjoy. They won’t have the risk of being knocked over or deflated due to poor structural weights or instability. Some of these rentals can weigh hundreds of pounds, and give great stability.

Expert Assistance

Probably one of the biggest and best benefits of renting jump houses from commercial jump house rentals is that you get access to a team of experts. They will set up, test, maintain, and take down the jump house all without you having to do anything. You can remain worried free and enjoy the party because you know the expert will do it right.

It also means that the inflatable will be safe, and properly assembled, for use.

These three reasons are just some of the benefits of renting a bounce house from a company instead of going out and purchasing one for yourself. A bounce house is a great way to enjoy the fun, and burn calories, as NASA determined that 10 minutes of jumping is equal to 30 minutes running.

So, that means you’re doing yourself a favor when you rent one.

Which specials do you like for your event? Pick one or more.