New Super Hero Bounce Houses

Super hero bounce houses are as popular with boys as princess jumpers are for girls. Boys can’t get enough of super heroes! That’s why we’ve added new jumpers to our inventory, and will continue to add more.


Spiderman Bounce House

Spiderman Bounce House RentalOne of our latest super hero bouncy houses is a big full-face Spiderman jumper in blue, red and yellow – the colors of spiderman – with the web slinger himself big across the front. A few of his villains are on the front, making it even better to jump for fun inside this amazing Spiderman bounce house! This makes for our third Spiderman jumper, adding to our Spiderman 13’x 13′ Bounce House with Spidey’s body atop the bounce house, and our Spiderman 11’x 11′ Bounce House with his masked head atop the jumper and the spider web pattern from his Spidey Suit on the outside.

New Hulk Bounce House

Hulk Bounce HouseWe’ve also added a Hulk Big Banner Bounce House in traditional colorful jumper colors with a huge Hulk image across the top. The Hulk jumper is popular because of how Hulk is able to jump so high, he’s almost flying – a feeling you get jumping inside the Hulk Big Banner Bounce House.

These two have been added to our already impressive collection of super hero jumpers, like the Justice League Bounce House with Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman, and our Batman jumper. Girls usually like the Justice League jumper because of Wonder Woman on the front, though the superhero movies are popular with both boys and girls, so a Spiderman jumper is still fun for a girl’s birthday party.


Super Hero Bounce Houses from Jump Around Party Jumpers

As spring rapidly approaches (it’s pretty much here already), plan for a super hero bounce house party with a jumper rental from Jump Around Party Jumpers! We look forward to helping you throw a super party everyone will remember for years to come. We pride ourselves on good communication, on-time delivery, clean jumpers and friendly service. Look forward to talking with you!


Check out our Super Hero Bounce Houses below!